Waking Up with St. Ives: The Morning Rave

elizabeth minett st ives morning rave

There has been a buzz going around about this new way to wake up in the AM… I had heard about it being popular among tech execs, and like all things innovative and trendy, the “morning rave” was becoming the “it” way to say good morning.

It isn’t literally a rave, but more a high-energy party early in the morning that wakes you up in a new way before the day begins. It started at 6:30am with yoga, and evolved into an amped dance party fuelled by house music, coffee, and a refresh station.

elizabeth minett st ives morning rave

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St. Ives partnered with Morning Gloryville in Venice Beach, with the mission to de-dullify your morning routine. St. Ives believes you should live radiantly, and kept the attendants feeling just so with a Hydration Station that had refreshing water inspired by St. Ives’ natural ingredients including mandarin oranges, pears, and cucumber.

elizabeth minett st ives morning rave

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I’ve been a long-time fan of St. Ives, but got more familiar with some of their new products at the event (that were complimentary to try.) The best-selling St. Ives Apricot Scrub has been part of my shower routine for years, and is a favourite amongst magazine beauty editors like Allure. This product exfoliates with corn kernel meal, walnut shell powder, and apricot extract, to reveal smooth and  radiant skin.

st ives apricot scrub

I also love the St. Ives Skin Renewing Collagen Elastin Body Lotion (which my Mom also loves!) It is paraben-free and made with natural moisturizers, including shea butter and glycerin, and collagen and elastin proteins to visibly improve skin’s elasticity.

elizabeth minett st ives collagen cream

After experiencing the “morning rave”, St. Ives reminded me to #LiveRadiantly (even in the AM.) I left feeling fresh and radiant after a few hours of dancing to wake up my day!

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