Top Travel Tips for Packing

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Travel Tips for a Traveling Girl

We here at Haut Appetit have not only been bit by the travel bug but have dedicated ourselves to the Jet set lifestyle. From fashion shows, shoots, to business meetings, we’re constantly on the go. Lucky for us our travel experience has let us master the art of packing to make every trip, whether it’s for business or pleasure, smooth sailing. Check out our best travel tips for your next trip below!

1) Handwritten Checklist

  • It might seem archaic these days to get out a pen and paper and write something down with all the advanced technology these days, but believe it or not, it truly helps with retaining memory. Ever heard that term, say it, read it, write it, to remember best? This is a motto we adhere to every trip we plan. Start by listing everything down and then make a second draft after you’ve reviewed and condensed your items! Make a final check list for you to manually check off each item the night before your trip to triple check that you’ve got everything!

2) Designated Small Pouch/Bag

  • This is crucial. You know when you’re on the plane and you realize you’ve left your chapstick in the side pocket of your backpack that is now stowed away in the overhead cabin? Yeah, we’ve all been there rummaging through our luggage to find that one item. Set aside any small items you know will need to have access to throughout your flight! Then place it in the seat pocket in front of you so you never have to get up for your in flight essentials! Some things we like to keep in our small bags are:
    • Chapstick
    • Eyedrops
    • Light hand lotion
    • Pen
    • Tissue
    • Mints/Gum
    • Advil

3) Comfortable Shoes

  • We know this sounds like a given but how many times have you planned a trip with set outfits and specific shoes and told yourself you’ll be okay? Truth is a lot of times we’re not used to different settings and not every place has smooth pavement! Take for example Europe and all their cobblestone walk ways! You also never know just how much walking you’ll have to do so don’t hesitate to throw in that pair of running shoes or uggs you know you like to lounge in! Comfort is key!

4) Water Bottle

  • This may sound silly but water might be harder to access than you think! For example, even on plane rides they provide you with a small cup of water even when you’re in flight for a very long time. Have a water bottle handy that you can refill so that no matter where you are you can stay hydrated!

5) Vitamins/Melatonin

  • While we’re firm believers in having everything come natural, sometimes we just need an extra boost. We say just bring a few vitamins with you in case you find yourself stuck with food poisoning and need to replenish yourself quickly! We also recommend bringing some melatonin to help you reset your sleeping schedule so that you can be on time with country you are currently in. ( Keep these in that designated small pouch!) Jet lag is never any fun and it’s vital that you are feeling fresh and ready no matter where you are.
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