The Ultimate Beauty Cleanse – How to Keep Your Makeup Tools Fresh & Clean

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January is the month of fresh starts and cleanses, and we here at Haut Appetit are not only cleansing our bodies and minds, but our make-up bags as well! Afterall, tidy surroundings mean a more organized life, and we’re all for a little order in our hectic lives. From liner to lipstick, here’s how to take your make-up bag from faded to fresh with simple tricks and tips.

Use rubbing alcohol & a spray bottle.

The best way to get make-up brushes and application pads spic and span is also one of the simplest. While there are many makeup cleaners on the market, nothing works better than rubbing alcohol bought from your local drug mart. Toss it in a spray bottle and clean your brushes weekly to get rid of any leftover deposits. Simply spray and wipe down with a paper towel for a disinfecting sheen. Be sure to get the 99% isopropyl and not the 70% to get rid of pesky bacteria. Aside from brushes, the spray also works on sponges, metal tools, pencil sharpeners…basically almost everything!

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Baby wipes on everything.

Baby wipes are a beauty guru’s ultimate secret weapon. From makeup removal to cleaning and everything in between, there’s almost nothing these babies (excuse the pun) can’t do. And, they’re cheaper than otherwise branded makeup wipes while containing the same active ingredients. To get make-up bags that can’t be thrown into the washer zesty and clean, use baby wipes on the regular to rub  them down. They’ll remove greasy smears, loose powder and any other makeup leftovers that have leaked their way into your bag over time. They’re also great for removing that gross mascara gunk that accumulates on your eyelash curler.

Give your makeup sponges a thorough rinsing.

Makeup sponges are a bit of a tough one to get super clean. We once read about a so-called hack that recommended putting them in the dishwasher to clean them but just found that they were saturated with nasty dish water and no more the cleaner after the cycle ran. Instead, try filling a container with water and either liquid soap or baby shampoo. Thoroughly rinse the sponges in the mixture making sure they get nice and bubbly while you work them over, then rinse under the tap and let air dry. If you’re still not convinced they’re clean, giving them the weekly rubbing alcohol spray as well as rinsing them ensures they’re fresher than fresh!

Keep those loose locks in order.

If you’re like most of us here at Haut Appetit, you’ve got a long flowing mane of hair that requires brushing more than daily. While we love having mermaid like hair to flaunt and flip, constantly cleaning all those shedding follicles can be rather annoying. To avoid clogging the shower drain, brush out hair before getting in, removing all loose hairs before the water hits. Also, using tweezer, scissors, or something else with a sharp edge makes cleaning brushes a breeze. Simply drag the pointed end through the brush to displace all the hair and dispose of them.

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Dispose of old products.

We’re all guilty of being beauty product hoarders from time to time…and who can blame us with so many amazing products on the market? Sometimes, we beauty junkies just want to spoil ourselves. However, when beauty clutter adds up, the only way to get rid of it is to do an old product cleanse. If you haven’t used it in the past six months, toss it. Keeping your beauty collection streamlined not only saves you time but keeps things sanitary as well. Beauty products expire and you don’t want to be using expired makeup on those beautiful faces!

By Sheila Hui.




Founder Haute Appetite. @ElizabethMinett

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