The Easy S’more Cookie

I’ve underestimated how well marshmallow, chocolate, and Graham cracker go together. Its like the perfect pairing of edgy leather and soft silk where the contrast of texture becomes the compliment to each extreme. If your sweet cravings are getting the better of you, then the only good advice I can give you is to give in. Don’t hold back from pleasure. These cookies will certainly make you ask for Some more. (No campfire needed!)

The Easy S’more Cookie

(Makes as many as you want!)

12 Graham crackers
12 large marshmallows
100g 70% Dark chocolate, melted*

Place Graham crackers on a baking tray. Melt chocolate over a double-boiler or in the microwave until thick and creamy. (*Option to add a bit of hot milk, approx. 1/8 cup, to chocolate to make it more like a ganache when melted.) Spoon teaspoon size amount of melted chocolate onto cracker.

Place marshmallows on top of chocolate, middle side up.

Turn oven on to the boiler setting on low. Place the baking tray into the oven and wait until marshmallows become golden brown on top (approx 5mins), then turn off the oven and let warm in the oven for another 3-5mins. (This will give the effect of roasting them on a campfire!)

This woman knows how to work subtle contrasts at Coachella. Edgy leather boots, a light and airy floral skirt, and stripes. Spot on for spring.

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(Is this a S’more bar or cookie? I thought it was more cookie…)



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  1. I honestly would have NEVER thought to use my oven to make s’mores because I always figured s’mores need a fire source to char/melt the marshmellows. I suppose since we always associate s’mores with outdoors/camping sort of activities, it makes sense. I’m so glad someone opened my eyes to this! This is much simpler than me trying to make a fire. =)

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