The Best Beauty Subscription Boxes For Beauty Junkies

kawaii beauty box subscription


Subscription boxes are all the rage du jour, and we can see why. Having everything from snacks to makeup delivered monthly right to our doors excites us to no end. The perfect gift for the beauty junkie who just can’t get enough, or the lazy beauty fan who just can’t be bothered to make it to Sephora, or even just a little monthly gift for yourself! Subscription boxes are an ideal way to get a little sampling of tons of new products. Signed, sealed, delivered, they’re yours.


1) Beauty Fix


One time for $34.95

Monthly for $24.95


Beauty Fix provides a box that is exactly that – a fix for us beauty gurus who have seen and applied it all. Perhaps the best curated box out there, Beauty Fix includes professional grade products that are often times hard to find otherwise. We seriously love discovering new beauty weapons through the goodies that come to us via Beauty Fix!


2) Vegan Cuts


Between $20 and $22.95 a month depending on subscription period.


Vegan beauties out there, we’ve got you covered too! Containing a slew of 100% cruelty-free products that are mostly organic and natural, Vegan Cuts is the green way to go when it comes to beauty boxes. With everything from hairspray to night creams and lipglosses, Vegan cuts works with well-known environmental brands such as Lush Handmade Cosmetics and One Love Organics to bring the best of (and for) this Earth to your face and bods.


3) Julep Maven


One time for $24.99

Monthly for $19.99


For those beauty junkies who are nail obsessed, Julep Maven is tailored just for you. With a quiz you take to ensure they get your color preferences right, Julep ensure you’ll get nail colors you’ll actually use. Matte, nudes, sparkles and shine, they have everything you need to keep those digits from being anything but dull.


4) Beauty Box 5


Between $8.50 and $12 a month depending on subscription period.


Beauty Box 5 is a great gateway box into the massive subscription world. Covering everything from cheap drugstore brands to luxury items and from hair to nails to body, it’s truly the box with the most variety. Also, with a relatively lower starting monthly fee than most other beauty boxes, Beauty Box 5 is the perfect starter box to use to dip your (pedicured) toes into the water.


5) Kawaii Box


Starting from $17.30 a month


Okay so technically this isn’t a beauty box but we just couldn’t help ourselves! Kawaii Box offers a monthly subscription to just about the cutest things on the planet. Named after the Japanese word for cute, Kawaii is literally just a box of darling things that often fit into the adorable Kawaii realm of Japanese culture. Everything from Hello Kitty to other Sanrio characters is included and, well, our younger schoolgirl selves can’t help but squeal every time we open one of these. It’s like Kawaii Christmas every month.

And in the spirit of beauty boxes, we made our own beauty selects for you to try!


By Sheila Hui



Founder Haute Appetite. @ElizabethMinett

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