Street Style – Milan Fashion Week 2016

milan fashion week mfw 2016Written by Elaine Julianna.

Milan Fashion Week 2016

The month of September has sparked for us a season of change, not just through the shifts in temperature but the changes we’ve been making in our closets. Lucky for us, we’ve had the last few weeks of fashion week display an array of trends for us to embody this fall. However, this most recent Milan fashion week had our eyes not only focused on the runway but off the catwalk as well. That’s why we’re turning to the streets of Italy’s fashion capital for our autumn inspiration. Check out which street style looks we loved the most and want you to try!

milan fashion week floralFloral Floral

  • There’s no denying that Milan was filled with florals both on the streets and on our garments. From floor length coats to billowing pants and blouses, they were everywhere. What we loved most was that the abstract flower seemed to make a comeback through embroidery and keep to a monochromatic theme without being scattered about everywhere.

milan fashion week clashing prints
Clashing Prints

  • Often times we find ourselves with too many choices trying to match the perfect outfit, but we forget that sometimes, two very bold/important pieces can make for a very refined look if done right. We loved seeing stripes paired with geometric shapes alongside repeated prints of illustrations and

milan fashion week fur furry accentsFur for Texture

  • We’re all about keeping warm but we’re not ready to don ourselves in head to toe fur just yet! We were fans of the subtle and not so subtle furry accents that graced the outfits of many fashion week attendees. From classic mink to bright colors, we’re hoping to add a little something extra to our outfits this autumn.

milan fashion week shades sunglasses
Stunna Shades

  • It’s a given that through weeks of watching, blogging, and reporting on this month’s fashion week that you’ll want to hide behind some shades. We noticed that Milan fashion week was filled with classic oversized frames in a darker shade. Keeping cool with the darker tones, we loved seeing every outfit completed with this last touch.

milan fashion week hatOn Top

  • From floppy to fedora and even beanies, we were all for our favorite hair accessory- the hat. Some kept it cool and refined with a solid black to polish up their look while others walked confidently in matching bold colors top to bottom. We’re ready now to tie up our tousled hair from this summer and bring out our hats!
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