Ringing in the New Year in Sweet Parisian Style

Last year, my New Year was celebrated comatose in bed with a nasty bout of the flu… But that was then and this is now, and if this New Year’s celebration is any indicator of the year to come, then I’m in for a treat! So I bring to you the love and luck of my sweet New Year in Paris where the patisseries were on call, style was never compromised, and la joie de vivre was la raison d’être.

It began with a giant rose-raspberry macaron (burger?) waiting in our hotel room. If there is any good way to begin something, its with a giant macaron. And if French women have taught me anything, its to indulge in moderation – so I ate a cheeky half.

And if that wasn’t enough, the hotel left assorted macarons in case our saccharine appetites were not yet satiated… 

That evening, my beau and I celebrated the new year in style at Hôtel Costes, a Parisian haunt of style-setters lounging in candlelit corners, where the goings-on include Vogue photoshoots and Russian billionaires enjoying Slavic beauties over caviar. 

After exchanging our Bonne Années, we attended a post-midnight performance at Crazy Horse Paris where our sweet encounters continued… Assorted macarons and champagne for the show (ok enough with the macarons…)

…I awoke the next morning and began coiffing for my New Years Day brunch while the news on the television blared unequivocal “overcast” reports. Strict measures for 2012 and prepare for a year of difficulty and sluggish economic growth. Great. Well, foodies, thank goodness baking is cheap! Nothing like a New Years Day brunch to be reminded that life isn’t so bad.

Patisseries for brunch by none other than Pierre Hermé. Enjoyment indeed.
That evening, I sipped chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) at the historically rich, St. Germain restaurant Les Deux Magots in appropriate attire of oxford boots, skinny leathered jeans, Dior bag, and a smart jacket. Always dress the part for chocolate.
Our last day in Paris, I decided to opt for a patisserie visit not so popular of the Paris patisserie stops like Angelina and Ladurée, which are exquisite, but ones I have already frequented. We found ourselves on Rue des Rosiers in Le Marais – a street known for its Jewish history and inhabitants. A poppy seed strudel from Pâtisserie Murciano quickly found its way into my mouth. A blog post just for Murciano is coming soon…!

Poppy seed Strudel

As the finale, I must draw your attention to the most popular New Year dessert in Paris, only available in the month of January: La Galette des Rois (The King’s Cake), a frangipane pasty tart that is just the right combination of soft almond paste and crisp, flaky puff pastry. A small figurine is baked into the tart, and whoever finds it in their piece becomes King (or Queen!) and has luck for the year to come. 

A galette des rois by Pierre Hermé

And on that note, kisses from Paris and the best of luck for 2012 you kings and queens!



Founder Haute Appetite. @ElizabethMinett

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