Nadège Toronto

This chocolate pur noir will make you do things that you shouldn’t tell your mother.

The buttery croissants will make you relive passionate love flings of the past where over-indulgence and excess made for a fleeting but equally delicious romance. (I wish mine had been more light and flaky – the croissant that is, not the fling as they are too light and flaky in texture anyway…)

The rainbow coloured macarons will make you rethink 50 shades of grey…

So who is offering such fantasy of the mouth? Nadège Pâtisserie… Nestled on the corner of Trinity Bellwoods Park in the now neighbourhood of Queen West in Toronto, it boasts French confections inspired by fashion trends but seeded in sophisticated taste.

Nadège Nourian, the head pâtissière of Nadège, hails from Lyon France and can count back four family generations in a long line of pâtissiers. So I guess becoming a pastry chef was an unexpected choice…

These macarons colours bring new meaning to my lipgloss…

Nadège has brought a refinement to Queen West in an understated and trendy fashion where her patisserie space feels more like an art gallery – one where you can sit and reflect upon the sweet confections on display.

If the patisseries at Nadège are inspired by fashion, then the chocolate pur noir inspired me to purchase these Thierry Lasry sunglasses at Spectacle just down the street on Queen West. French hand-made… very appropriate.

Nadège 780 Queen St. West Toronto



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