Milk Bar Toronto Gives Me a Taste

About to eat a Cake Truffle. Look at that face…

The all-American bakery famed as being a New York staple for glutinous homestead treats like Cereal Milk and the Crack Pie has opened its first location outside of the city. Milk Bar passed up obvious locations in favourites like Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago in favour of… Toronto! Is that even in America? No, its in Canada people. 

The day after the opening, I was invited to an exclusive live demonstration by the mastermind of the Milk Bar craze, Christina Tosi. The engineer-turned-pastry-chef showed me, and a few members of the press, how to make CAKE TRUFFLES. If you don’t know what a cake truffle is, you’ve come to the right place… They are a genius way to use left-over cake bits, and have the flavour of a giant slice of cake in one delectable bite. 

The cake truffle is cake, baked with sprinkles in it, covered in a thin white chocolate coating, and rolled in sugary cake dust (yes, cake dust.) Here’s the creator showing us how to make vanilla cake truffles…
Scrape vanilla sprinkle cake into a large bowl.

Add some milk flavoured with vanilla.

Mix it together…
Until it sticks together.

Scoop out balls of the cake dough with an ice cream scoop.

Roll them in melted white chocolate (Christina on right, and her assistant, at work).
Roll them in sugar cake dust. Get your friends, and make an assembly line at home!
Et voilà!

And here I am, documenting the process so I can share the cake truffle with my Haut Appétit readers…

Gotta love the lady who created the cake truffle… Ms Christina Tosi. Much love.

Wearing H&M dress and Jenni Kayne flats.

If you want to make more of the Milk Bar recipes, you can buy the Milk Bar cookbook online HERE!

Momofuku is the Asian restaurant where Milk Bar got its start.

In the Milk Bar pop-up “glass box” bakery, located on the 2nd floor of Momofuku Restaurant at The Shangri-La Hotel Toronto. For all information on location please see HERE.

I got some goodies…

… Crack pie, blueberry & cream cookie, and a compost cookie. Whoever thought of the name ‘Crack Pie’ is a genius (and is most likely on crack…..pie.)

Crack Pie (caramelised butter tart).

Blueberry & Cream Cookie.

Compost Cookie.



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