Milan Fashion Week Never Tasted So Good

While the streets of Milan are predictably flustered with the showy commotion of fashion week at this time of year, there can be found serene reassurance between the layers of a Tiramisu.

Tiramisu getting their red crown of excellence

From my many years living in and visiting Milan, I knew Panino Giusto as a commercialised chain of restaurants, one most certainly shunned by traditional Italians conscious of exquisite food. I normally wouldn’t have given their desserts a second look, but at the bold statement of my haut Milanese friend Alberto, that their Tiramisu was frankly the best he ever had, I caved to Italian persuasion. (Never question an Italian on his Tiramisu.) 

Alberto explained between mouthfuls of foamy cream, that more cream is added than usual to their Tiramisu, and the cake base isn’t soaked in liquor as much, so it is overall a bit lighter in flavour and texture. While the other restaurant fare is nothing to blog about, Panino Giusto in San Babila makes a Tiramisu that is. 
The next morning, I went to support fellow Canadian design duo Dean and Dan at Dsquared2 FW 2012 where I was almost certain they had been eating Tiramisus during the design process. If this top doesn’t evoke a fluffy slice…
Dsquared2 FW 2012
I met some friends backstage, then we took our sweet Milanese time getting to the Roberto Cavalli show at Corso Sempione, where a large flock of Cavalli-ites funnelled through the towering Arco della Pace (Arch of Peace) unknowingly passing through to Roberto’s underworld of leopard print and tiger stripes.
Yours truly in front of Arco della Pace at Corso Sempione
Robert Cavalli Runway Milan FW 2012
Admittedly, some of the models looked like they needed a slice of cake, and from one model to another, I almost wanted to eat cake for them just to help (on some karmic level) the fact that they looked like delicious popsicles without the popsicle… (sticks). But on a lighter note – aside from Cavalli’s signature animal prints – statement gloves seemed to be a trend of the hour. 

All this cake talk certainly got me in the mood for Bastianello in Piazza San BabilaThis pasticceria was such the epitome of elite and exquisite delicacies that it took a hand-written request, and much persuasion from Alberto, to be allowed to take photos of their food and write an Haut Appétit post about them… Well worth the effort. The New York Times Review would agree…
My hand-written request…

Refined and delicate Cannoncini and berry tartlets at Bastianello
The Bastianello post coming soon…

My last day, the skies cleared just enough for me to see the mountains to the north from my room.

Fino alla prossima volta Milano…



Founder Haute Appetite. @ElizabethMinett

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