Little Cupcake Bakeshop NYC

Sugar-free cupcakes… The thought makes my very taste buds tough and dry, and the only word that is able to come to mind over such a sparse topic is… cardboard.

Little Cupcake Bakeshop sugar-free cupcakes… Was it really possible? A tasty sugar-free cupcake? After one bite my mind was ablaze with such delectable oral messages that any thought remotely “cardboard” was graciously replaced with softMoist… Delicately sweet… I’ve been wanting another one ever since I finished my last bite. These cupcakes have actually drifted into my daily thoughts regularly enough that I have to admit, I have a craving. I guess its time to remind you again that they’re sugar-free. I never thought that withholding sugar from a cupcake could ever yield positive results, but I’ve been proven so shockingly wrong by this Little Cupcake Bakeshop that I must give them my most sincere Haut Appétit kudos. I didn’t ask them what they used to sweeten the cupcakes because I was so shocked by how good they tasted. So you’ll just have to go ask them yourselves… Don’t mind the sugar? Don’t worry, they sell enough sugary sweets to please the biggest sweet tooth.

The best of benevolent bakeshops, their ethical and environmentally friendly outlook sets this bakery apart from the rest where you can get pink sprinkles and buttercream, and help the world one cupcake purchase at a time. With each purchase, the bakery will donate some of the proceeds to various charities with which they work, and to the “Little Cupcake Initiative” they began. Some of the charities include SustainUS, The Climate Change Project, William O’Connor Day School, and Fashion Week and Al Gore’s Climate Change. For a detailed list of their benevolent activities check out “Little Cupcake Initiative” at

Little Cupcake Bakeshop NYC – 30 Prince St. New York NY

These cupcakes were drawing awareness to one of their charities
Sugar Free Vanilla Cupcake


 Visit their website HERE!



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