Le Parker Meridien Gingerbread Extravaganza

For the last three years, Le Parker Meridien Hotel New York has hosted the Gingerbread Extravaganza of the holiday. A gingerbread what? Same question I asked myself… I knew Americans were a competitive bunch, but I never knew their competitive spirit would go as far as Gingerbread Houses. Apparently so…

Seven New York bakeries/restaurants (originally 8, but one had to drop out for mysterious reasons) currently have their gingerbread creations on show in the lobby of Le Parker Meridien New York, all competing for the winning slot of gingerbread glory. Voters (you, the general public) can cast your votes by donating $1 per vote to City Harvest feeding New York City’s men, women, and children in need of food. With each vote you have a chance to win a vacation stay at Le Parker Meridien Palm Springs. The Gingerbread Extravaganza is showing now until January 6th 2012.

And I thought I made fancy gingerbread houses…

“Just My Type” by Baked Ideas 
“Occupy North Pole” by Tribeca Treats
“Central Park Boathouse” by BLT Steak
“Happy Times” by Soutine Bakery

“Mini Parker” by Norma’s
“Olson Manor” by Gramercy Tavern
“Come On To My House (Gretel’s Temptation)” by Cupcake Cafe



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