Lauren Lopez’ Treats Don’t Suck (I tried them)

So I got this gluten free cookbook the other day in the mail, and after my smugness subsided of I’m-a-food-blogger-and-get-cookbooks-for-free, the title caught my attention reading: “These Treats Don’t Suck”. I thought, ‘well at least I know what I’m getting into here…’ 

Lauren Lopez

After first flip through I was left astounded… This cookbook is funny? This cookbook is gluten free, dairy free, and funny? The days of pastel cookbooks showcasing equally pastel cupcakes all in fluffy pastel settings are over! 
I like brains with my baked goods!

The author, Lauren Lopez, is an actor, singer, dancer, and writer starring along the likes of (every girl’s crush) Darren Criss in Harry Potter spin-off “A Very Potter Senior Year” and a slew of other musical productions. (See her full list of credits at IMDB here.) She also eats gluten free, and so made a cookbook of course! What aren’t you doing woman!

I wanted to share her Dunkaroons recipe – my favourite from the cookbook – and I can safely say: they don’t suck. Moist gluten and dairy free macaroons dipped in chocolate… yes please.

Lauren’s Dunkaroons

For the recipe, you can purchase her book HERE, available in a week!

These dunkaroons are good all year round, but especially in spring. And as the weather warms, here I am finally baring my legs! Try swapping your dark blazers for white, but have a cozy woolen on hand (think scarf or hat) as it gets cool in the evenings.  And make your look really pop for spring with some neon or metallic accessories.

I’m wearing:
Zara blazer, Topshop tank,
Roberto Cavalli skirt, Carvela Kurt Geiger flats,
Blanco purse, hat from Denmark
Street Style Pics by James Buford
Get the Look!


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  1. Lovely outfit. Your hat is so cute and your leather pencil skirt is so fierce. Love how you styled this casual ensemble.

    If you get a sec, please check out my latest post. I would love to read your feedback.


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