Icecream Shops to Try in California


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Written By Elaine Julianna.


Believing that there is more to a scoop of icecream, creators of Afters have mastered the art of bringing two great things together by combining icecream and donuts. You read that right, icecream and donuts- to bring you an icecream sandwich like no other. Pair any of their handcrafted and unique icecream flavors such as Vietnamese coffee and churro with their Milky buns for an unforgettable icecream experience.


Maybe you don’t care too much about how your icecream looks but we all know that you care about how it tastes. At Creamistry, they believe in serving icecream the right way- fresh. You won’t find just an ordinary scoop of icecream out of a bucket here! They’ve got creamologists that will use liquid nitrogen to hancraft your dessert right before your eyes. Sound a bit too science-y? Don’t worry, Creamistry also takes pride in using only natural and organic ingredients so you don’t have to feel guilty or afraid of any chemicals!


Ever catch yourself admiring the presentation of your food so much that you find it hard to eat? Well, at Eiswelt, you’ll find it difficult to bite into your icecream because of the adorable designs in your gelato! Get a double stack of their little piggies, bears, or puppy face gelato scoops for the cutest icecream experience ever.


Cauldron Icecream, also known as the home of the OG puffle delivers fresh and creamy icecream that claims to be “better than that other place” and we can’t agree more. Served in a the softest egg waffle cone, each “puffle” can be broken off to enjoy with each bit of icecream! Their handcrafted icecream is also homemade in small batches with all natural ingredients. The best part is that all their delicious flavors are on a monthly rotation so you’ll never get sick of having the same scoop.


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