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organized planner goalsWritten By Elaine Julianna.


With a new season comes a new start however a lot of times we push off those goals and ambitions till the new year rolls around, but who says it can’t be now? Here at Haute Appetite we’re constantly on the go and making plans not just for the upcoming months or year, but on the daily! Here are a few tips on how we stay organized and on top of our goals for a successful life every day!

  1. Get a Notebook and Write it down!
  • We’ve mentioned this before in a previous post about our favorite tips when packing for travel but this applies to almost every aspect of our life! Yes it may seem archaic to hit the old pen and paper but ask any successful person how they keep their life organized and I’m sure you’ll find them pulling out a notebook. This isn’t to say that we’re against utilizing technology to help keep us on track. There are a ton of useful apps to set reminders and schedule out your week on a digital planner but research has actually proven that physically writing down your plans and ideas results in your brain in a deep thinking process and that process actually leads to “ building over 10,000 new neural pathways in your brain in one sitting whereas when you type your goals out… you are only building 600 new neural pathways” ( skgjsd). What this means is that every time we are doing something that makes our brain work, it is creating neural pathways. Each time we repeat those same actions, it reinforces those pathways and also keeps our subconscious working even better. Trust us on this one and try it out! How many times have we set the snooze on our mobile calendars and reminders

2.Make your Email your Close Friend

  • We might not be the most tech saavy advocates but we’re definitely on board with utilizing the right technology to make our daily lives more efficient. One that may seem like an obvious and outdated tool is our email. Use it every day as a method of communication over texting or group messaging when it comes to work related purposes. We stress this because a lot of times it seems much quicker and easier to text with colleagues and business partners then emailing back and forth. Whether it’s confirming a meeting,event date, or simply asking a question, you want it have it saved and in a thread that’s easy for you to look back on. It’s not fun to scroll through pages of texts on your phone to find that one text bubble with the information you need! Make it a habit to get very familiar with your email app and you’ll thank us for it! One that we highly recommend is Inbox from Google and all it’s amazing features such as setting personal reminders with an alarm, marking read emails as done, and having it automatically organized by categories

     3. Give yourself a deadline and a bedtime!

  • If we could work for hours on end, trust us, we probably would! There’s always going to be work that needs to be done and if you don’t give yourself a specific time to stop and get some shut eye, you’ll find working yourself working around the clock. Rest is important, not just because we physically need it in order for our brains to properly function but it’s also necessary for our overall well being. Learning how to set limits on what is appropriate for your lifestyle is crucial to understanding that we should never be living just to work! Life is meant to be enjoyed! Give yourself a daily deadline every day and stick to it! This is another great way to keep yourself organized and on top of your game. You’ll find yourself much happier and motivated the next morning we promise!
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