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Frank Body is the hottest new skincare line to come out of Australia. Cellulite? Dull, dry skin? Tired legs? Their products use all-natural, rich and moisturizing ingredients to reveal our best skin.

Famous for their body scrubs, Frank Body uses the power ingredient of coffee to target cellulite, stimulate circulation, and exfoliate away dead skin. Infused with almond oil, vitamin e, and sea salt, the scrubs simultaneously slough away dead skin, but leave it plump, soft, and supple. (By the way, I wanted to eat the scrub it smelled so good…)

I’m very particular about the products I use on my face, and I was happy to discover how gentle and beneficial their face care products are! The cool, grey cleanser includes lush ingredients to target impurities but nourish and replenish skin, including green coffee bean extract, charcoal, marshmallow root, echinacea extract, and coconut, grape seed, and almond oils. I especially love their face scrub that includes the incredible nourishing and detoxifying effects of white clay. Read all about their product ingredients at Frank Body.

Using their products is really a sensory experience – from the product scents that make me want to bake a cake, to the product colours that inspire me to redecorate my house – Frank Body will make you want to get naked, get dirty, get clean (and maybe eat some cake).



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  1. That’s great Elizabeth, so you’ve tried their face scrub then? I have very slight eczema on my chin sometimes, specially in the cold months! It just gets a bit dry and flaky. Have used lots of things but never a coffee scrub! I saw some some reviews about them and keep seeing their pics show up on Instagram all the time. But was looking at some of the alternatives too like those on this top 10 body scrubs list with some DIY coffee scrubs too. What do you think of each?



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