Fonuts aka Faux Donuts: Only in LA

Always fresh & hot…

Its a place where women look ageless, every fantasy of the mind can be created, and cities you thought you’d never visit become your backyard… botox, movie sets, superstars, and now… Donuts? Los Angeles is a place where faux is taken to the next level. 

Glazed with sprinkles


Fonuts is the recent faux business addition to the LA scene, where doughnuts are the item of the hour. They’re real (don’t fret, you can eat them) but these doughnuts come more guilt free, that is baked, vegan and gluten free. So you might not be getting the milk and butter deep-fried equivalent, but you sure are getting all the taste. Faux really never tasted so good. 

Fonuts is known for their unique and tantalizing assortment of flavours to the likes of Earl Grey, Rosemary & Olive Oil, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Vanilla Latte.

I ordered 6 mini fonuts: chocolate sprinkle, earl grey, and strawberry

Vanilla Latte

These “fake” doughnuts tasted so convincingly real, moist, and delicious that it even made me consider a face lift. The things LA will do to the mind…

My box of 6 minis wrapped in yellow ribbon.

Chocolate was the first in order…
Don’t forget to visit their website for more on flavours and ordering HERE.
This is the feeling after biting into an Earl Grey (experiencing nirvana).

My bakery style for the day reflected a very doughnut appeal that inspired an idea to create a leopard print doughnut glaze… Deep thoughts. (Please someone make this.) And when in LA, always wear palm trees on your pants.
I’m wearing:
Topshop sweater, vintage trousers,
Tod’s loafers, American Apparel glasses, 
Catbird rings

Get the Look!

So now for a flip, the next bakery of the day was the real-deal of French patisserie… Stay tuned!



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