Our Fav 90’s Trend-The Choker

choker 90's trend necklace

Written By Elaine Julianna.

The “It” Accessory

We’ve all heard that history tends to repeat itself and in the fashion world, we couldn’t agree more. Thanks to the recent overall resurgence of 90’s trends, it’s now confirmed that the choker is the must-have accessory to be worn this year. This time, we’re doing it better by going beyond the elastic black tattoo we might’ve bought from a vending machine when we were teens. Because today’s fashion scene has brought to light different variations of velvet, lace, metal, leather, and rhinestone. Not only are we seeing different styles of the choker but it being worn and styled as a mix and match with one another.

So why fall for this neck candy?, It’s simple yet edgy, and has the ability to determine the overall look of your outfit. Whether you’re aiming for dark romance, a little punk rock, or a classy approach, there is a choker out there for every occasion.

Model Elizabeth Minett shows us how to style it right when taking on an edgy LBD approach in in her sleek black dress. The bell sleeves make for a statement silhouette against the simplicity of the fit-finishing her look with a bold Versace pendant choker. Minett serves us some true romantic goth vibes with this soft velvet chain against such a bright gold design.

Dress: Storets, Choker: Versace

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