Fall into Heaven at Angelina Paris

I keep coming back… That whirlwind romance of passionate affair, that never becomes practical enough to be long-term, but irresistible enough to tempt my appetite – a heart that never quite gets enough. Each time becomes more familiar, yet more perilous, as one day I just might fall in… Fall completely in love with everything that is Paris. On this particular day, I fell into… Angelina
Every day, the offerings of life inspire me. People, places, colours, things… I find inspiration in the mundane to the masterful. For this day, the inspiration was found in the contrast of black and white – reworked and unpretentious. Cuisine should never be pretentious enough that it no longer tastes like food, and fashion should never be pretentious enough that it no longer is stylish. So perhaps that was my sentiment for the day… In a city with a renowned legacy in the contrasting traditions of fashion and food, I found effortless, unpretentious, chic. 
My mood board for the day.
I arrived early to Paris, to an awakening Gare du Nord, only to be there for the day before heading back to London on the Eurostar. Le Jardin des Tuileries became my first stop – a grand but romantic garden leading out from the Louvre and conveniently placed right in front of the tisserie du jour, Angelina

I was ushered to a small table in the middle of the room where I had a perfect view of my elegant surroundings. I got right to it, ordering (en français of course) a black and white combination of perfectly made pastries: a Choc Africain and a Tarte Agrumes Passion. What a fine contrast of taste and aesthetic. 
Choc Africain
A dark chocolate mousse covering a dark chocolate soft biscuit center, all made of dark chocolate originating from Africa.
Tarte Agrumes Passion –
A sweet pastry shell, filled with an orange and passionfruit cream, candied citrus, a touch of mango cream, topped with a honey meringue.

I could barely dare to break the beautifully crafted mousse structures, hesitating slightly as my fork fell into the pillows of soft dark chocolate mousse and honey meringue.

Absolute perfection. The allure of the sweet folds and plump mouse was enough temptation to try  my every restraint. And so I ate half of each…
A couple sitting to my right reminded me that style is ageless. No matter the age, Parisian women always looks effortlessly en vogue. This woman lunching with her husband, looked effortlessly chic (yet somehow unpretentious in front of the hand-painted wall mural) mixing fur with lace, black frames, and an Hermès Birkin bag. But, I thought he could have used some help…

After my tea and petits gâteaux, I could barely get up to leave the grand dining room bustling with suited waiters, tourists, and local Parisians for I didn’t want to leave the blissful ambiance of the whole affair. 
Before leaving, I passed by their to-go counter to survey what held the most bountiful collection of beautifully crafted little cakes I had ever seen. Only in Paris… 
Now really, how does one choose between this selection? I think a tasting menu is in order…
Saori – Le Cheesecake Japonais
A Japanese cheesecake of lime cheesecake covered in a white chocolate shell, with strawberry marshmallows on top! (A Millefeuille on the left)

Saint Honoré –
Puff pastry base with choux pastry balls covered in caramel, soft caramel centre, and vanilla bourbon whipped cream (Choc Africain to the left, Chocolate Éclair to the right)
Pistachio macarons
I wistfully left Angelina behind as I exited onto Rue du Rivoli and took a stroll through the Jardin des Tuileries towards the Louvre.

All bundled up in the Jardin des Tuileries (it was freezing!)

I’m wearing:

Thierry Lastry sunglasses, snood that I knit, Joseph coat

Prada bag,  Joseph leggings, Topshop boots

Musée du Louvre 

As Paris Fashion Week ensued, I spotted this quintessentially dressed Parisienne enjoying a cigarette in front of the Louvre. Parisian women never wear much makeup in favour of a more natural look, but red lipstick is usually a must. Hair is slightly tousled and unkept, in keeping with the au naturel vibe, and the attire is always chic yet understated. Et n’oublie pas la cigarette…

My day continued with a visit to one of the best pâtisseries in the world… But you will have to check back to Haut Appétit in the next few days to see which…! Goodnight Paris…

Photo by my dear friend Thierry Levy
Be sure to check out the pâtisseries list on their website HERE.


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