D’Espresso Cafe on its side

The ceiling at Grand Central Station NYC where my cafe hunt begins…

A discrete, cubby-hole of a cafe, apparently flipped on its side or at least made to look that way, has managed to squish itself on E 42nd St. between Madison Ave. and Vanderbilt. Grand Central ticks somewhere close by, and the passersby seem to streek its glass storefront windows as their reflections pass. I must admit, it took my friend Kim and I some time to find this inconspicuous cafe in quite an obvious location, where I concluded (after circling the corner and telling Google Maps that it was wrong) that the cafe could have benefited from a larger, more obvious, D’Espresso signage. For those yet to visit, look out for the large ice cream bar in the window, and you’ve found your destination.
Note the D’Espresso sign on the door…
The food was typical quick cafe eats, reminding me of cafe bars in my time spent in Milan – delicious espresso, stale croissants. Considering the food could have used some work, the interior design was definitely worth the trip. It was designed by Anurag Nema and his team at nemaworkshop where they have designed other NY cafes like Delicatessen. Much smaller than I had anticipated, I suppose the pictures speak for themselves…
Floor wall, wall ceiling….
I didn’t go in for fear of a sideways toilet…

We left the bookshelf walpaper for the real thing, when we ventured nearby to the New York Public Library, and although they weren’t serving up any cakes or soufflés, I thought the the interior and information-desk-lady were worth mentioning.
Stairs leading to the library
Information desk lady

Kim works in textiles and knows her prints. 
Derelicte Club Monaco bag



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