ChunBuns from Miami: A New Level of Yummy

“Sweet Piggie” White Chocolate on Vanilla from my balcony at the W Miami.

There is new reason to take the trip to Miami, and it isn’t the barmy nightlife, beckoning beaches, or tanned Chicas rolling their “R’s” into the seemingly endless sun… Its for the sole purpose to bask in the glorious flavours of the one and only, ChunBun. The “Sweet Piggie” above, topped with white chocolate-dipped bacon, would cool off in the Atlantic if it could, its that hot right now. I read about them in the November 2011 issue of ELLE while on a casual stroll on the treadmill, and thank goodness I did, otherwise my impending trip to Miami would have been simply less than outstanding. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

Good things come in pink packages.

My lovely assortment…

“Chunky Monkey” – This was hands-down my favourite. Banana cake with a chocolate centre, rich chocolate ganache on top, finished with a choco-dipped banana chip!

Revealing the “Chunky Monkey” centre…after a bite or two.

Their slogan “Be prepared to bite into a piece of heaven…in a bun” is no joke, except they missed the detail “a new level” of heaven. It took Roman chariots to pull me away from devouring the bunch.

“Sweet Piggie” Chocolate. Vanilla cake, chocolate centre, rich chocolate ganache on top, finished with choco-dipped bacon.

“Sweet Piggie” Chocolate nearly devoured.

“Bunny’s Carrot” – Carrot cake with white chocolate centre, cream cheese frosting on top, finished with a cinnamon/white choco dipped pretzel. Can it get any better?

Effortlessly moist and sweet…
“Banana-Rama-Licious” – Banana cake, dollop of cream cheese frosting on top, coconut flakes, finished with a white-choco dipped banana chip. 

Their selection doesn’t stop here… Check out their website for more flavours they have on offer including the “Ah-MAIZ-Ing” – a sweet cornbread cake with lemon icing. Don’t forget to note that they have made miniature versions called ChunnyBunnies for easy tasting (and perhaps less calorie intake.) 
I of course had to look the part if I was going to be seen eating such a show-stopper of a cake… I opted for the spring 2012 trend of colour blocking while in the Miami heat….

Céline Cabas Bag. I’m healthily obsessed.
At the W Miami



So the burning question…WHERE can I get ChunBuns? You can pick them up at their kitchen in Downtown Miami, or have them delivered (which is what I did.) At the moment, they only deliver in South Florida, but they’re soon looking to expand their shipping nationally (no pressure ChunBuns!!) May I stress, it was the friendliest and most personalised service I have ever experienced from a bakery. It made the whole experience just that much better. Great service still exists! 



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