Bottega Louie: The LA ‘je ne sais quoi’…

I was a bit skeptical at first. Could true refinement in patisserie really exist in downtown LA? No doubt the housewives of Beverly Hills over-night special order their macarons from Paris, but for the more humble set, was there really a local downtown option that didn’t compromise on this haute standard? 

Everyone and their mother (ie my friends) kept telling me I couldn’t leave LA without visiting Bottega Louie and that it was everything Haut Appétit… So I got in my rental car, drove to downtown LA, and discovered a veritable gem of a pastry shop filled with little dreams of confection perched behind glass cases. It does exist…!

A rainbow of macarons greets you at one entrance of this Italian establishment, where well-kept young men in white smock serve up your hearts desire. It took me some time to wrap my head around the French patisseries held under an Italian name, but after one bite I was convinced.

Every gateau is made with exquisite expertise, offering American favourites, like this Key Lime Pie, with a delicate French touch. 

(“La Framboise Bûche” should be a lipstick colour…)
An impressive space of lofty proportions flanked with floor to ceiling windows and marble floors  greeted me with such grandeur that I left the beach and sandals behind… (Until I realized I was barefoot in the store, and had to go outside and put my Tods back on. I call this: The Bottega Louie Effect.) 
What to choose…

I decided on a raspberry pistachio tart, topped with a gold leaf. And somehow a rose macarons and blackberry tart made its way onto my plate…
The manager was so hospitable and welcoming to my blog efforts that I quickly settled in at a marble table to indulge in the sweets before me. Thank you Bottega Louie!


My look of the day complimented the likes of pastel patisserie and pattern play. Mixing prints is a favourite of mine for any look, any season… (See this look when I visited vegan and gluten free donutery Fonuts earlier in the day). And, always look cute to eat cake… 
I’m wearing:
Topshop leopard top, vintage trousers,
Prada bag, Tods loafers,
American Apparel glasses (prescription!)

Get the Look!



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