Our Top 5 Brunch Spots in L.A


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Best Places to Brunch in L.A

Written by Elaine Julianna.


Viviane Restaurant

Situated in the iconic Avalon hotel of Beverly hills, Viviane puts a modern twist on classic American and European cuisine to spice up your usual brunch menu. Whether you’re sitting indoors, poolside, or on your hotel room balcony, it’s hard to miss out on the positive vibes of such a beautiful and upbeat brunch environment. Try out their morning smoothies for an energy boost alongside their many intricate and delectable egg dishes served traditional european style with toast or pastry and coffee, tea, or juice!

Insider tip- Sit poolside to get some summer sun in on the morning and you’ll be greeted by the neighboring friendly  faces of the hotel right above!

Fig and Olive

Fig and Olive’s kitchen brings you the authentic tastes and passion of French cuisine, straight from the Riviera. With its focus on using the best olive oils to blend into the most seasoned and flavorful dishes, Fig and Olive’s brunch menu does not disappoint. Aside from their elegant and romantic ambiance, F& O is also known for their exquisite appetizers and crostinis.  All appetizer dishes are created for sharing  so make sure you and your girlfriends order a variety of them to try!

Insider tip- The appetizers are quite filling and most people forego ordering a main entree during brunch!

Estrella Restaurant

Notably the most theatrical-looking brunch venue in West Hollywood, Estrella sets the ambiance of an artistic time capsule. Nestled just under the sunset strip, Estrella is the perfect place to get away from the all the bustle of the hills.  Serving impeccable modern American cuisine, Estrella is best known for its famous “Rolling Stones” dish, an egg wrapped in avocado and bacon ( Yes, those three words were just used in a single sentence!). This is a definite hot spot on the weekends so make sure to get in early as their speciality dish is only served on Saturday’s and Sunday’s breakfast/brunch time while supplies last!

Insider tip- the owner is a fanatic for poke and an expert so if you’re not up for the rolling stone dish try out the Ahi-tuna salad

Ox & Son

Featuring seasonal ingredients handpicked and sourced from local farm markets, Ox and Son brings new flavor to traditional classic American dishes. Think comfort food but on the next level. If you’re used to sticking to traditions, this one will make you feel right at home but you won’t be missing grandma’s cooking with their skills! 

Insider tip-A must try is the Avocado heirloom toast!

Attwater Village Tavern

If you’re looking to have a boozy brunch on a lazy sunday morning, we’ve got just the place. Whoever said it’s too early to start drinking? Attwater Village Tavern makes sure that your early indulgence stays casual yet classy with a Mexican BBQ-inspired brunch menu and bottomless mimosas. Not feeling the champagne? They’ve got you covered- serving Bloody Mary’s and Micheladas for only $5!

Insider tip- Try out the Avocado fries- yes fried avocado!


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