Afternoon Tea at The Shangri-La Toronto

Afternoon tea is one of those heavenly pastimes of mine that is now becoming more of a ritual in the foreign cities I visit. The traditional ceremony of fine tea paired with indulgent desserts, often modernised by every venue’s different take on the presentation, is a cultural niche that I have always enjoyed. Most recently I was treated to tea at The Shangri-La Toronto, one of several luxurious hotels of the Asian hotel group, and one of only two in North America (the other in Vancouver). And of course, I wore the very current polka dot to tea…
The Shangri-La Toronto boasts the largest tea assortment in North America, host to 68 different premium teas from around the world! Overwhelmed with the selection, I ended up choosing two: The Royal Earl Grey with a hint of rose, and naturally (always the cheeky girl), I selected a pot of Kama Sutra Chai Seductive Tea, which speaks for itself… If it wasn’t the flaming red dragon teacups alone, I was seduced.
From top clockwise: Passionfruit, Hazelnut, Maple & Foie Gras, Rose Water & Lychee, Cassis
First up was the patisserie cart that they wheeled over to my delight, offering a variety of delicate  pastries and macarons, including a maple & foie gras flavour. Can we all just pause and think about this – maple and foie gras flavoured macaron. Indeed.
Banana cake pastry
The Shangri-La Passionfruit Mousse
Patisserie cart in tow…
Next, the tea tray came out with a selection of finger sandwiches and desserts – all gluten free upon my request.
Selection of finger sandwiches
Coconut tapioca pudding, chocolate cake with fresh berries, hazelnut macaron.
Home made berry preserve with Devonshire cream, scones, and lemon pound cake.
Chocolate cake (I already ate the berries oops)
Coconut tapioca pudding with pineapple and sesame croute.
Rose & Lychee macaron. You can just about taste it can’t you…
Biting into a Cassis macaron… don’t mind if I do.
Ok so I had too much fun at tea (I think it was the polka dots – they always put me in a good mood).
And as Mother’s Day is conveniently upon us this weekend, I recommend this afternoon tea for all you moms and daughters (and sons!) needing a good excuse to stuff your bouche with tea cakes. Serving in The Shangri-La Lobby Lounge, the live music, and plush couches await your sweet tooth. Contact the hotel for more details.
I’m wearing:
Zara top, American Apparel leather skirt,
Zara python belt, custom Python clutch,
vintage python pumps
The polka dot is a comeback micro-trend this summer, as is python… and how cute they look together! You heard it from the pages of Haut Appétit – polka and python is a spring/summer must.
Always dress up for tea people – no excuses.
Get the Look!


And speaking of afternoon teas… The Goring Hotel in London has recently been awarded the top afternoon tea by the UK Tea Council’s Tea Guild Awards (which are like The Oscars of the tea world)! We need this in North America! I will have to try The Goring afternoon tea now won’t I… This calls for a trip to London!




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