Afternoon Tea at The Fan Museum London

Victoria Sponge at the Fan Museum’s Afternoon Tea
When scientists established Greenwich Mean Time at The Royal Observatory in Greenwich London (and thus time zones as we know it) I’m most certain they were simultaneously establishing tea time, no doubt at the Fan Museum mere minutes down the road! This afternoon tea certainly was on the nose in every sense, offering one of the best teas in London, in beautiful surroundings, without the stuffy atmosphere.
Hand-painted wall murals trailed greenery into the sky ceiling as I sipped at English Breakfast and took manageable bites of fruit cake.
The atmosphere was so delightfully unpretentious – a rarity in afternoon tea rooms across London – that I drifted into the sunlight that poured into the bay windows and languished in every unaffected bite. 

The tea cakes were not so sweet, which I enjoyed, offering a more hearty and full-bodied taste. 
The scone with apricot jam (instead of the usual strawberry) was delightful, which I then followed with the almost savoury fruit cake, and chocolate brownie that needed special attention…

I hadn’t yet been blown away by the somewhat safe desserts… And then I tried the Victoria Sponge… A perfect balance of dense and light texture, not daring to be too sweet, and lovingly sandwiching the cream and jam, it was by far the best Victoria sponge I’ve tasted!
Fresh flowers flanked the windowsill.

A frame of the hand-painted mural.

The garden behind the museum.

Welcoming entrance to the Fan Museum.

One of the exquisite fans in the collection.
If you don’t visit the museum for its extensive collection of some of the most beautiful old fans I’ve seen, dating back centuries, then please at least visit for its Victoria Sponge…
And on the note of lovely gardens and floraled murals… My attention has been drawn to the recently launched British label “Language of Flowers”, which cleverly incorporates the Victorian meaning of flowers into unique T Shirt designs on the softest cotton… I love when brains and beauty come together! A visit to their website is a must.

With each T shirt, you get a packet of flower seeds respective to the featured flower!

A sneak peak of Viola, and it will need to be incorporated into my spring style…



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