The 7 Most Common Ways to Screw Up Chocolate Chip Cookies

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I stumbled upon this article on the other day and thought it was so helpful! So of course I would share it with my readers… ! I added a tip of my own too!

The 7 Most Common Ways to Screw Up Chocolate Chip Cookies

1. Beat that butter and sugar!

When the recipe calls to beat the butter and sugar together – just beat it. When you think you have beat the butter and sugar enough, beat some more! Otherwise your chocolate chip cookies will fall flat.

2. No ingredients left behind!

Leaving bits of the ingredients on the sides of the bowl and not mixing everything together properly is just, not, ok. Scraping down the sides of the bowl and making sure the ingredients are evenly incorporated is key. Otherwise you will get pockets of flour or sugar etc., and some cookies will turn out flat and others fluffy!

3. Room temperature!

Make sure all of your ingredients are at room temperature before mixing, otherwise they won’t mix properly together and you will get funky cookies.

4. Ew, Salt?

Yes, salt! I know the thought of putting something salty into something sweet is weird, but salt actually helps to bring out the flavours of chocolate and sweetness! You won’t taste any salty flavour.

5. Get in line, cookie sheet!

Be sure to line or grease your cookie sheet so that your cookies won’t stick to the bottom of the pan after baking. Scraping cookies off a cookie sheet will result in cookie mulch.

6. Take it personally.

There are so many different variations of chocolate chip cookie recipes – and people have very specific preferences for what their chocolate chip cookies should be! Not all recipes are created equal, so know yourself and do your research. Do you like thin and crispy? Thick and gooey? Be sure to find the recipe that is made for that specific kind, otherwise you will be sorrily disappointed with the result. (Ewww, why are these so thin and flat?! – I wanted gooey!)

7. I need some space.

Don’t overcrowd the cookies on the cookie sheet before baking, otherwise they will spread out during baking and turn into a cookie-cake.


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