1: Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate

Day 1 is here and I’m celebrating with a decadently rich hot chocolate made with coconut milk! This means, its dairy free too! I sadly have lactose intolerance, and although I cheat now and then, its nice to recreate classic recipes using equally delicious alternatives.
I make this hot chocolate with actual chocolate chunks, and not just cocoa powder, giving an enormously rich and creamy flavour. And did I mention that coconut milk is less fat than regular milk (and personally I think tastes better)? Just sayin…
Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate (dairy free)
80g dark chocolate, finely chopped
4 tsp cocoa powder
4 Tblsp agavé nectar
4 cans light coconut milk
1 can full fat coconut cream (optional)
1 cup marshmallows
cinnamon for dusting
  1. In 4 mugs, equally distribute the ingredients. That is: 20g finely chopped dark chocolate, 1 tsp cocoa powder, and 1 Tblsp agavé nectar per mug.
  2. Open the can of full fat coconut cream, and in a bowl, whisk the cream to thicken. (optional)
  3. In a large saucepan, heat the coconut milk on medium-high until it starts to bubble. Immediately pour the hot coconut milk into each mug (you could use a ladle to pour the coconut milk) and allow to sit for two minutes. After the chocolate is somewhat melted by the hot coconut milk, stir with a spoon until the ingredients are combined.
  4.  Scoop a large tablespoon of coconut cream into each mug (this is the best part, but optional)
  5. Top with marshmallows and a dash of cinnamon.

Serves 4 people.


Founder Haute Appetite. @ElizabethMinett

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